Why Buy a Digital Camera When You Can Rent?

People interested in photography never stop trying something new. First, there are the newbies who want to check their skills and then there is the seasoned photographer who does not have the equipment. The one thing they both have in common is that they do not want to invest – high end cameras are costly and so are the lenses.

Rental shops for your camera

Does one want to pay these prices? No, you guessed it, you rent it. The prices become affordable and you get world class equipment for your special shoot. And, what does one rent? One must know about the types of cameras and which one is good. The way to go is the costly cameras are always good. The cheap ones may be good, they may not be.

That said, there are three types of cameras. One is the compact system camera (CSC) that lies at the bottom of the pyramid. These are easy to use- just point and click. But, if you need something more control, something that will make the pictures appear beautiful instead of just being place name markers, then you must go for the mirrorless cameras and the DSLRs.

Getting good cameras is expensive

These bring out the beauty in the picture and give meaning to the art of photography. But, they are costly. The idea of renting becomes more sensible when you see the price tag of these beautiful cameras and lenses. Indeed, walk into a camera rental shop and see the same thing being offered for a mere ₹1000 rental cost per day! You can do wonders when you get cameras at those rates.

One of the shops I frequent when I am in Bangalore is qwikgear.com. The online shop gets me what I want, when I want it. You only need to register with them and book equipment online. They will deliver it your door and collect it when you are finished with it. So, get ready for your photography odyssey.

Rent the top cameras

Canon EOS 60D

The Canon EOS 60D is my pick of the bunch. It handles beautifully and is the lightest full-frame DSLR with a 20.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor. The ISO setting is from 100-25600 and expandable to 102400 and has Wi-Fi and GPS. It takes care of all your exposure needs. The wireless connectivity allows you to connect to the high-speed internet and transfer all your photos to the computer.

You can get a whole load of camera related accessories too such as Manfrotto tripod (₹275 per day), Canon battery pack (₹100 per day), or a flashlight for ₹50 per day. You can choose a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens to go with the camera or choose any other in the shop. This is one of the most reliable spots for the shutterbug to find his or her gear. All you got to do is pick the day and name the things you need for the shoot.

So, the newest thing is to rent your shooting equipment – camera, lights, lenses, the works. And enjoy the two or three days with nature, friends, and your camera. Having a leisure time hobby such as photography is a blessing.

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