Which camera is best for action shots?


action shoot


Photography is about forms and colors, the distinction of the result in the imagination of the photographer. So, you have portrait photographers, fashion photographers, pet photographers, event photographer, and more. You have a separate breed of professionals who we call action photographers or sports photographers.

Check the camera settings

It is all about speed – setting your camera up for getting the sharp, detailed photos depends not as much as luck as on skill. And you only develop the skill with experiences. Only when you do a couple of things wrong, you realize the right way to go forward…and you do it. Here are a few tips for the beginners, it will help to follow these and improvise as you see fit.

  1. Use a fast shutter speed: Choose a shutter speed of at least 1/500th of a second. This is enough to cover most of the sports action. If there is enough light, as when you are shooting in broad daylight, then you can use 1/1600th of a second to capture some thrilling action.
  2. Keep your aperture wide open: Opening your aperture depends on the quality of the lens that you have. If you have a professional quality lens such as f/2.8 or f/4 you can even come down the largest aperture by one stop or two.

Check the camera rentals in Bangalore, qwikgear.com for some neat equipment. It costs just ₹1000 to rent a high-quality Canon EOS 6D for a day. At the same rate, you can get a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS IIUSM lens. You have free registration and no deposits. Further, they will do the delivery and pick up so your photography becomes even more pleasurable.

Other than cameras and lenses, you will see plenty of camera accessories. This includes battery packs, lighting equipment, stands, and more. They will help you when you need to provide your own lighting and staging for the event. They are affordable and you can get top quality products from there.

More action settings

  1. Try the burst mode: This helps you because you get 4-5 photographs that remain sequenced.
  2. Raise your ISO setting: To expose the scene well, you should use the proper ISO setting. If you raise the ISO setting you might get a noise in the photograph. So, try to use low ISO settings always but if you do not have enough light, you might remain forced to increase the ISO setting.
  3. Check the white balance: The camera has an automated white balance that works well for outdoor shoots. But, when the shoot is indoors, your photos may develop a greenish-yellow tint. All you need to do is check the setting and move the knob to Fluorescent or Incandescent and you will not have any problems.

It is all about freezing the action and improving the clarity of the photograph. Action photography demands that the photographer knows what action is to take place and then shoot for that moment in time. In this aspect, it differs from all the other modes of photography.

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