Where can I Hire Video Camera, Lens & Accessories?

Video Camera, Lens, Accessories

Having a hobby is a refreshing thing. It makes life so full especially when your hobby is something as interesting as photography. But, not everyone is able to afford those expensive equipment that make the picture stand out like a Canon EOS 6D camera.

Buying is tough, renting is easy

If not everyone can buy a camera, there are ways to get the best cameras in the world. This is by renting them! This option is not obvious to many because not many have thought along these lines. Renting is the best thing to do since you pay only ₹1000 – ₹2000 per hire. It is not like you should spend lakhs of rupees for one lens or camera. You can get a camera and a couple of lenses too and have a splendid shoot over the weekend with a few friends. Shutterbugs in Bangalore can visit qwikgear.com to get quality items.

Or, if there is a marriage around the corner and you cannot afford a costly purchase, you can go for the easy option of hiring a camera and lens. Right now, the top cameras are Sony ILCE-3500J, Canon EOS 750D, Nikon D3300, and the rest of the DSLR cameras. You can walk into the camera rental shop and take the best camera there for your wedding event. You can get wonderful pictures and make the memories of the event linger.

There is a huge difference between a compact camera and a DSLR. This difference is in the depth of the field in the photograph. This is more in the photographs taken with a DSLR camera. The reason is that the sensor or the ‘film’ portion of the compact system camera (CSC) is mostly in the 1-inch range. This means that you do not have the depth but you will get fast results.  What the compact camera lacks by way of depth, it makes up in the way you can snap a picture without even thinking. But then, this shows in the quality of the photographs.

Then, you also have the mirrorless cameras. These are better than the compact cameras but not as good as the DSLR. If you want to make an outright purchase but do not have enough money you can opt to buy a mirrorless camera.

Cameras for professionals

The best cameras are the DSLR’s. Among these Nikon, Canon, and Sony rule the field. This is due to their EXPEED processing engine. The Nikon D3300 has scene recognition system and you get spectacular images. You can opt for a Canon EF 24-70 mm F/2.8L II USM lens and use it for long distance photography. It has spectacular image stabilization without compromising the clarity of the picture.

Get the equipment from qwikgear.com

The site offers brand new equipment of the highest quality. You can get professional level pictures with improved sharpness and color. And, you do not have to make any deposits; just register on the site and you are ready to go. They also have a delivery and pick-up facility that makes things even more simple. Photography just became as easy as a dream – with high-quality equipment to boot.

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